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David P. Baugh, Esq. is one of the most lauded criminal trial attorneys in the Commonwealth of Virginia and has been recognized for his competence and legal acumen around the nation  and in the federal courts in various states. He has tried hundreds of jury trials in various courts around Virginia and the United States. During his career he has represented citizens accused of all manner of crimes and offenses, including capital murder. Certified for Capital Defense by the Federal courts Mr. Baugh was tried one the earliest federal death penalty cases in the United States under the Federal Death Penalty Statute.

There is no more frightening experience than to be arrested or charged with a criminal offense. From the lowest form of punishment to government's seeking the ultimate punishment: death, all share the common aspect of changing a citizen's life. Imprisonment for thirty days or for life removes a man or woman from his or her family and employment and permanently stains that person's record severely limiting or preventing future employment opportunities and removing the most basic of civil citizen rights for the remainder of that person's life.

Mr. Baugh has represented hundreds of clients charged with manslaughter, homicide, misdemeanor and felony assaults and capital murder wherein the death penalty is sought. His experience as a prosecutor, a defense attorney and as an educator in various criminal trial classes and schools around the nation has provided him with unique experience in the intricacies and nuances of the laws effecting violent offenses.

The number of drug offenses charged in the United States is staggering. Merely being present in a car where other occupants have drugs, often without even the knowledge of the accused, can cause the filing of criminal drug possession charges, carrying the potential for significant periods of incarceration and imprisonment, as well as permanent limitations on future opportunities. Many young people are not aware that a simple misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge, with no more than a maximum of thirty days in jail and a fine can prevent that young person from ever having a federally insured educational loan, or having access to public housing. Additionally, the experience will forever mark that citizen as having been convicted of a criminal offense, to be reported on all future job applications. Underage drinking is a crime, but not one for which a young person's life should be ruined.

College student crimes and offenses - It is too possible to be arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to life in prison for alleged sexual offenses, without ever forming the necessary mens rea, or specific intent to do something forbidden by law. Whether or not the offense, colloquially known as "date rape," occurred would be viewed legally from the perspective of the defendant and whether the defendant understood that he was engaged in conduct which was not permitted, as the facts were presented to the defendant at the time, is a question for the jury. Regret is not rape. Was the defendant doing something he knew was forbidden or was the defendant misinterpreting suggestions and apparent signs indicating consent? Drunken permission followed by regret has lead to the arrest and imprisonment, unlawfully, of thousands of young men, many of them students, every year and in every jurisdiction.

Even certain misdemeanor sex offenses require listing as a sexual offender and the resulting stigma which can include denial of housing, drug treatment or group home enrollment in later life.

In addition to his extensive criminal law history and experiences Mr. Baugh has successfully represented several successful Slander and Libel plaintiffs in actions against those who have provided false information involving criminal records and employment issues. He has successfully sued and tried such cases against the police and an insurance company. If anyone feels that his or her reputation has been challenged or impugned due to false or slanderous statements being published in conversation to others, in writing or on the internet, there may be a cause of action.

Americans, in fact the world, has come to believe that the science of DNA is infallible and that any report which indicates the presence of a particular defendant's DNA profile at a crime scene is proof of guilt. Crime scene evidence from cases, literally, collected decades in the past are now being submitted for DNA comparisons to DNA data bases and, in some instances, suspected individuals. Often the person identified is not even a suspect, resulting in a "cold hit." It has been proven time and again, and admitted in the 2009 groundbreaking report from the National Academy of Sciences entitled: Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward, the National Academy documented defects in the entire forensic science field. One of the most serious deficiencies of the system was the level of cooperation between law enforcement and the questioned impartiality of laboratories around the nation. In every case where the government relies, in whole or part, upon DNA or any other forensic science, that science, the methodology employed, and the objectivity of the laboratory must be challenged, questioned and exposed as not absolute. Mr. Baugh has experience in challenging the persuasive prejudice of DNA cases.

Most citizens view Reckless Driving cases or accidents involving allegations of Reckless Driving as traffic offenses. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Reckless Driving in Virginia is a criminal offense, punishable not merely with a fine or suspension of driving privileges, but with up to twelve months in the local jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500.00. Reckless Driving can be charged in every accident, and often is, or for any speeding in excess of fifteen miles per hour over the posted speed limit. A rate of travel in excess of 80 miles per hour can be grounds for a criminal charge. Even on highways with speed limits of 75 miles per hour, simply travelling at 80 miles per hour can be grounds for a Reckless Driving charge. A charge of Reckless Driving should be taken seriously. Mr. Baugh has experience in representing drivers charged with this criminal offense and addresses each with the seriousness a criminal allegation deserves.

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Mr. Baugh is one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys with hundreds of successful jury trials in his past. He is a former Assistant United States Attorney in both the State of Texas and the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has demonstrated dedication to the rights of the accused and a heartfelt respect for the Bill of Rights. He has evidenced his life with his dedication to protection of the rights of the accused, regardless of any circumstances of that citizen or the offense charged.

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