David P. Baugh

David P. Baugh is one of the most respected and experienced criminal trial lawyers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During his extensive criminal trial career he has appeared on behalf of clients in courtrooms around the nation. He is recognized for his advocacy skills and his vast knowledge of statutory and case law, both in the federal courts and the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mr. Baugh's advocacy has lead to a succession of innovative and intense defense strategies leading to favorable resolutions for his clients. Read more

Areas Of Professional Practice

General Criminal Defense Attorney Violent Offense Lawyer

Business and Insurance Fraud Attorney Drug Felony and Misdemeanor Lawyer Reckless Driving and Accident Lawyer

Civl Slander and Libel Attorney Sex Offense Lawyer

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If you, or someone for whom you care, has been charged with any criminal offense contact David P. Baugh, Esq., at 804.743.8111 or click here and make inquiry as to his availability for your representation.